Jeannie's Journey

My Love Testimony

My passion is Jesus Christ and to be a living testimony that God is doing and can do all things through faith in Him. I was born in West Palm Beach, FL and then moved to Shreveport, LA. at age 4. At this young age I began to be sexually abused, and it lasted until the age of 12. At that age I was placed in a halfway home, and then married for the first time at age 16. Through past circumstances and divorce from multiple failed marriages, I began experiencing condemnation which eventually led me to drugs. It was drugs that led me down the dark path to a more hardcore drug addiction and a 12 year life on the streets and of dark, street prostitution.

During my life as a child, and even as an adult, there were times I would experience a presence of warmth and would pray in tongues, but was completely unaware what it was. During my days in the streets of Atlanta, GA, I experienced Satan himself through I.V. drug use, multiple rapes and beatings. I walked in the satanic undercurrent of hell. My heart was broken, my mind numb, and my emotions were clouded with anger and rage from pain. I lived dirty and all alone. Satan himself told me I would die, someone would murder me, and that neither I nor my situation would change. But even after multiple deliberate overdoses, beatings and many arrests I was still alive.

Many times during these experiences, I did not know why, but I would be able to see into the spiritual realm. I had a knowing that there were two forces pulling me in opposite directions. One time I saw angels in a jail cell flying in a circle above my head. There were three of them and they were huge. They had white feathers and were absolutely brilliant and powerful in their movement. I could hear the most beautiful song and witnessed their extreme unity. Another time I saw an angel after passing out at the wheel while driving 80 miles an hour. I was looking down at myself slumped over to one side as this huge, brilliant and powerful angel was reaching through the top of the car and had taken the steering wheel. I woke up about 80 miles away parked perfectly in a church parking lot with the doors locked and the car still running.

The first time I saw demons was in the Clayton County Georgia Detention Center. I was an inmate and was walking in the pod when I had a flash vision. I saw creatures that had the shape and appearance of a monkey but with an evil intent. They were hanging around people’s shoulders and feet, some had many, some had only a few. I’ve had supernatural visions of the demonic realm throughout my life at unexpected times and at those times I was never clear as to why. I’ve always been able to sense evil while in the streets, it would crawl up my back and neck, especially as I would approach the darkness and still of the street; even more so during the early morning hours before sunrise. These were warnings that evil was immediately present.

As the years passed by I became increasingly weak in the body and mind and more determined to both live and die. The battle was torture. I never gave up either way. Then finally one day I had reached a point, I was unable to take another breath in the condition I was in. I fell to my knees and cried out with a curdling scream with all I had left in me, “GOD, PLEASE HELP ME!” And in an instant I felt an immediate transfer from my condition into a space of unexplainable brilliance. In that instance I heard the voice of God say, “Jeannie, if you stay with me I will fix everything in you life!” I cried with joy and relief and instantly felt free. I don’t know how long it lasted but it seemed as if time stood still as I bathed in the purest atmosphere. At that moment I surrendered my life to God, and took the journey from complete darkness into light. I began talking to God every moment, and carefully and patiently he led me out of the streets and into Him.

As I continue my life with Him, through His unfailing love, He has continued to perform His word in me by changing my destructive ways of thinking and behaviors. He has also taught me who Jesus is and what he has done, and who Satan is not. He has given me ears to hear and eyes to see what he is doing. Through His faithfulness and love He has transformed me from a broken child, broken adult, prostitute, drug addict, and convicted felon, into a woman of God, prison evangelist, ordained minister, daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, director and successful business owner and friend. Jesus continues to teach me about Satan’s lack of power and how, through what Jesus died for, to break the bondages and bring deliverance and healing to those that are bound.

My passion is to help you through any area that you need healing and or deliverance. (rejection, bitterness, anger, sexual abuse, rape, drugs, generational curses, etc...) Even if you are no longer in that lifestyle and want to be free of any left over spirits that still have claws in you as a result of Satan’s plan, we want to help you. We will help you get and stay free. Who the Son sets free is free indeed! Satan has no legal right to a believer, unless we knowingly or even unknowingly give him the right. He does not want you to know who you are or who you can be in Christ Jesus. He is AFRAID of YOU! For more information on receiving immediate healing and deliverance contact us through the contact page. How cool it is to be part of God’s plan! It’s an honor.